From the past into the present


In the late of the night, just before I close my eyes, I uncover my head and reveal my soul, facing my past demons. They will never disappear, forever they'll be here, chasing me nightly, whispering: You can't run... You can't run from your past... Your past... You can't run from it.  
Cold, so cold... I'm trapped in my own mind, unable to escape my own thoughts and feelings that continually hold me. I'm freezing... so I start to fight to keep my mind warm in the present, and I struggle with my fears, even if I know they are creatures I cannot beat.
But in this life I have a dream, there will be a day when I will think about a change. So one day I shall have the strength to scream: Morning... keep my thoughts empty for me... One day... I will make peace with the past, put it away and forget it. And that shall be the day I will defeat the shadows of my past, the day I'll see the violent past reflection vanquished. The day I will embrace and accept my demons.The day I fall in love forever.


Cristi M spunea...

beutiful words "You can't run... You can't run from your past... Your past... "

Scorţişoară spunea...

Mulţumesc, Cristi. :)

dani spunea...

"if you place a thing in the center of your life/
that lacks the power to nourish/
it will eventually poison everything that you are
and destroy you

a simple a thing as an idea/
or your perspective on yourself, of the world/
no one can be the source of your contempt/
it lies within, in the center"

Scorţişoară spunea...

Beautiful lyrics, Dani. Thank you. Did you write them? :)

dani spunea...

nu,nu.e "liontamer' de la faithless

Scorţişoară spunea...

Ahh... Am crezut că „tu nu vorbeşte româneşte” :D Imediat o să ascult şi eu piesa, să văd despre ce e vorba. :)

cuvintealese spunea...

So cold, true !... but cold

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